Tottenham Hotspur have plans of making good use of the transfer window, with plans to sign in some really good players.

The team still looks to maintain their intension to add Schalke 04 attacker, Max Meyer to their attacking squad.

Recently there have been talks of Meyer moving to North London at a transfer fee of £33.7m. According to report from Germany, Spur could sign the player in the summer.

It has been reported in the print edition of SportBild, and relayed by the likes of Goal Sportal and Lattenkreuz in Germany, that Spur sill has eyes on the attacker. The club could be making a move on their mark in the summer with €40 million (£33.7 million).

The report also revealed that Schalke 04 was not willing to let Meyer go as they plan to extend his contract, which expires in 2018. However, they must act fast if they wish to keep him, before Spur makes an irresistible offer for the player.

SportBild had previously reported that Tottenham had their eyes on the attacker throughout the summer, and were prepared to show their interest by splashing out £38 million on the young playmaker this summer, unfortunately, this was not possible as the player remained with his club.

Speaking to SportBild Meyer had said he was aware of Tottenham’s intensions to sign him to the club.

“I know that interest was there and was asked at the club. But Schalke 04 immediately put a stop to it. This was the end of the matter,” he said.

Although Meyer has had a relatively disappointing 2016-17 campaign in Gelsenkirchen, he is still considered to be in top form. A movement to Tottenham could be very unlikely though, considering Schalke 04 intension to keep him in the club. Moreover Tottenham already have a fair share of good attackers.